Migrants protest at ICE against Biden's continuation of Trump policies

Video-protest at ICE including laying of flowers 2 min 15 sec

On the 3ed of March, a number of migrant organizations descended on the headquarters of ICE to protest record deportations and Biden's continuation of many of Trump's worst immigration policies. Demands included freeing all ICE detainees, ending electronic monitoring, halting deportations, shutting down detention centers and chopping the budgets of ICE and CBP.

While the high-profile family separations were stopped by overwhelming opposition while Trump was still in office, there are still tens of thousands of migrants in detention, mostly in private for-profit prisons. Well over a hundred thousand more are on ankle monitors, though thankfully large numbers have escaped after cutting off those infernal bracelets. Haitians are being especially picked on by ICE, CBP, and Biden, and seemingly are being targetted like never before.

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