Supreme Court gets angry midnight protest over draft decision to overturn Roe

Video of showdown w counterprotesters by Moira Warburton 17 sec

Within hours of Politico's publication of the Supreme Court's planned decision to overturn Roe V Wade, protesters were outside and things got heated between hundreds of pro-choice protesters and a much smaller gtoup of theocrats. At least one punch was thrown.

As of 1:30AM, a police line had blocked one way out via 1st st NE, but fears of a kettle had so far not materialized. The far-right's presence dwindled while the pro-choice crowd grew. Possibly they were not up for the fight they were trying to pick.

This protest finished at about 1:45AM, but protesters will return at 6PM today (Tuesday May 3).

Furious pro-choice protesters gather at the Supreme Court. More expected at 5PM TODAY

Small but aggressive antichoice counterprotest

Police line across the S side of Firat Street raised fears of a kettle but that did not materialize

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