Scrum over right to choose at SCOTUS as 5 more opinions (but no Dobbs) released

Video-showdown at SCOTUS against PAAU and abortion bans 2 min 15 sec

On the 21st of June, so-called "Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising" (PAAU) fetus-stealing antichoice zealots faced off in a point-blank shouting match against pro-choice activists outside the Supreme Court.

More than once, cops moved in to side with the antichoice zealots, who also had their own dedicated security team. Some of the pro-choice activists and especially one who is not white were hassled by these hired thugs. The antichoice extremists it seems had the bad habit of getting into close-range, escalating shouting matches beyond their ability to cope with the situation on their own. Classic Fascist tactic: attempt to incite a riot, then run behind the cops or hired security.

Speaking of Fascists, two men with a hard MAGA poster slamming Biden and emblazoned with the J6 slogan "Stop the Steal" showed up. Also present was a presumed right-wing photographer in a Black Rifle Coffee Company T-shirt. Black Rifle Coffee's gear was worn by Kyle Rittenhouse and widely seen at the J6 assault on the US Capitol. That situation got so hot the founder of the company had to distance himself and his products from the Proud Boys. The day before the June 21 mess at SCOTUS, there were reports of fascists seen around the Supreme Court as well.

At one point, it seemed the theocrats had achieved noise level supremacy outside the Supreme Court, but this was just because they had apparently knocked the batteries out of someone's bullhorn on the pro-choice side. Soon, replacement batteries or bullhorns got those activists back in the fight. Eventually, one of the theocrats from PAAU produced what looked like a plastic fake fetus, simulating one from a very late stage pregnancy. In the late 1980's Operation Rescue used similar props.

At another point in the morning two pro-choice activists from Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights hurdled the outer Supreme Court fence, ran a distance north, and locked down to the high inner fence. In an ugly development, their legal observer was arrested as well as them.

PAAU is the group using fake lefty arguments to oppose abortion while members have been caught stealing fetuses from clinics-so they could be BAPTIZED. Seemingly all antiabortion arguments made in front of SCOTUS on June 21 were based on religion. Hard Trump/MAGAt types are also beginning to show up, and fascists have been reported in the area.

While confrontations raged outside, the Supreme Court released five "opinions" meaning decisions. Nothing yet on the Dobbs (abortion) case but they did release an ugly ruling that jurisdictions issuing vouchers to pay for private schools (in a case of a rural jurisdiction with no public high school) must allow those vouchers to be used to pay for religious schools. So far, this court has voted for theocracy every time they've had the chance. Some are warning the US is starting down a path that could ultimately yield one of the most repressive theocracies on Earth. Already the Texas GOP, supporting secession from the US, has declared their intentions that any independent Texas nation would ban not only abortion but sex education in schools, integrate religion in education, and generally seek unity of Church and State. The cards are on the table, and its time to choose sides.

One of the antiabortion extremists with a "fetus," this time apparently a plastic one

Laying it on, holding ground in front of the Supreme Court

A full-on MAGAt Trumper at SCOTUS

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