Crane banner hang demands "Biden Protect Abortion"

In the face of the Dobbs decision and the deadly threat posed by an explosion of anti-choice state laws, people are rising to new heights of resistance. On the 28th of June, climbers dropped a banner from a crane near North Capitol St and FL Ave, reading "Biden Protect Abortion."

The banner hang is reminescent of the "Resist" banner Greenpeace dropped from a crane near the White House in those first desperate days after Trump's January 20 2017 (J20) Inauguration.

Activists are shifting their fire from the incorrigable fundamentalists of the Supreme Court to the spinless Democrats in Congress and to Biden. Such tactics as setting up Federally run clinics on parkland may or may not work, and will endure only if the Dobbs case mobilizes enough women and other pro-choice voters to overcome the current and extreme voter suppression measures in GOP states. If Trump gets back in, all Federal protections end on Jan 20, 2025 and a national ban on abortion would likely follow.

Women are being warned as of NOW not to use Google to search for any subject related to abortion or to contraception, as Google's data can possibly be purchased by law enforcement from data brokers and if not, Google will surely cough up search and browsing histories in response to subpeonas and court orders. This could become an issue in ALL 50 STATES if Trump returns to the White House.

Photo by Women's March via Twitter

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