Mass civil disobedience near Supreme Court and Capitol demands abortion rights

Video: Civil Disobedience at the Supreme Court 2 min 30 sec

On the 30th of June, hundreds of protesters were arrested in a sit-in blocking 1st st and Constitution Ave NE. This was part of the storm of protests opposing the Supreme Court's Dobbs ruling permitting states to criminalize abortion for the first time in 50 years.

Less than two hours before this CD started, the Supreme Court threw out the EPA's authority over CO2 emissions from fossil fuel power plants. The day before it, homophobic Texas attorney general Ken Paxton announced that if the Texas legislature attempts to reinstate the state's sodomy law thrown out by a prior interation of SCOTUS , he will defend recriminalizing same gender sexual relations before the current SCOTUS.

Setting up the sit-in at 1st st NE and Constitution Ave

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