Orlando defends after Drag Queen Story Hour cancelled over threats from Nazis

Video: Seven religious nuts show up, Proud Boys, NSM, et all chump out as community defends 1 min 51 sec

In the week leading up to Oct 29, five different neo-Nazi groups including the Proud Boys, Patriot Front, National Socialist Movement and two more announced they would assault a Drag Queen Story Hour at the Center in Orlando. Not wanting to bring children into a battlefield, the story hour organizers cancelled but Nazis vowed to show up anyway. On the day of,most were no-show in the face of a powerful community defense

What appeared to be seven Fundamentalist Christian/Trumper protesters DID show up, but they or similar harassers have been at prior Draq Queen Story Hour events at the Center (an LGBTQ space). A handfull of Trumpers were there, but the "StormTrumpers" were nowhere to be found. The National Socialist Movement diverted all the way to Kissimee, moving their rally to harass an all-adult event near Icon Park, not far from Sea World. Between antifa, transgender activists, and beefing between NSM and other groups, they ran up the white flag.

The Proud Boys were spotted driving around the area, but none dared to get out of their cars and challenge the defenders of the Center. In this case, one clear difference between the Proud Boys and the Nazi SA(stormtroopers) they so resemble is that they are cowards. A fight with tough, battle-hardened antifa in a Berlin beer hall circal 1930 would have sent the Proud Boys scurrying back to their basements, just as Orlando did on Oct 29, 2020.

Nobody spotted any sign of Patriot Front or the rest of the fascist groups either. This is a major defeat for them, as they had promised to assemble 60 to 70 fascists and hard Nazis from at least 5 different crews to attack the originally scheduled Drag Queen Story Hour. Instead, only 7 protesters showed up and they may have been the usual religious nutjobs. Proud Boys had at least been in Orlando, but were not up for facing the Center's defenders without the 5-1 numerical advantage their way of "fighting" seems to require. What a beer hall full of cowards!

THIS is what any Proud Boys scouts passing the Center saw!

The Christian Fundamentalists who did show up

Cross ID's them as religious extremists

This and the previous photo show the sum of the far-right turnout that actually deployed

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