Well-defended Orlando drag shows goes on after FL governor's legal threats-and a bomb threat

Video from Dec 28 Orlando Drag Defense 2 min 56 sec

The Dec 28 drag show in Orlando went on in spite of an explicit threat by Florida's Christian Nationalist governor DeSantis to take legal action against the venue if anyone under 18 was seen inside. This threat was called. As the press hype grew, a protective pro-LGBTQ crowd grew in front of the venue. Two groups of Christian nationalists ineffectually protested the show. A firetruck and ambulance showed up halfway through, it turns out some opponent of the show had called in a bomb threat. The delay was short and the show went on! Proud Boys in uniform were nowhere to be seen, same as in Miami the previous night.

Front line in front of the venue

Christian nationalists trying to protest the drag show only to find their amplified speakers could not drown out singing by counterprotesters

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