Counterprotesters hold the line as Fascists, Christian nationalists return to DC for J6 anniversary

Video-counterprotesters at the Supreme Court, Ashli Babbatt's mother arrested, and counterprotest at Capitol warns MAGA GOP now controls House and still denies the 2020 election. 4 min

On the 6th of January, 2023, some of the same Trump supporters and general Fascists who fought two years ago that day returned to the Capitol and also showed up at the US Supreme Court. Among them was Ashli Babbatt's mother, who was arrested after defying police demands to move to the sidewalk from the street. Ashli Babbatt was the woman who was shot by Capitol police while on point leading the entire baying mob as they were about to storm a room containing members of Congress. Some of the counterprotesters threw the Proud Boys slogan "fuck around and find out" back at the fascists by saying Ashli Babbatt did exactly that.

The fascists started at the Supreme Court, then marched around the Capitol, facing confrontations with counterprotesters both at SCOTUS and at First and Constitution Ave NW. The arrrest of Ashli Babbatt's mother took place as groups of fascists, Trumpers, and Christian Nationalists were marching around the Capitol in a symbolic siege remembering the real siege and assault two years earlier. A serious concern is the growing numbers of DeSantis supporters and Christian nationalists now showing up even at Trump events. If there is a genocide in the US targeting first the trangender community, then the rest of the LGBTQ community plus Jews and Muslims that is where it will come from. This could be DeSantis making his move to wrest the flaming torch of racist hate and fascist power out of the hands of Donald Trump and claim it for himself.

On the other hand, a failure to send Donald Trump to prison for J6 sends a message to all future presidents (potentially including DeSantis) of absolute immunity and unlimited power.

The arrest of Ashli Babbatt's mother began with one cop pushing/shoving but not punching her while warning her to move to the sidewalk. She refused and was arrested as though at a civil disobedience. This stands in sharp contrast to the violent arrest of Karon Hylton's mother at MPD's 4D substation in Dec 2020 protesting the death of her son at the hands of MPD for riding a scooter without a helmet-and a second time INSIDE THE COURTHOUSE after the killer cops were convicted of murder and obstruction. The difference is as clear as well, black and white.

Confronting fascists at Christian nationalists at SCOTUS, across 1st st from the US Capitol

Growing presence of Christian nationalists at these sort of events is concerning

Still lots of MAGA meatheads but they now have competition from DeSantis's foot soldiers

The larger counterprotest rally at the Capitol

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