Women's March takes to the streets, faces scrum with Christian nationalists at SCOTUS

Video from the DC Women's March including a pushy right-winger at SCOTUS 45 sec

Video: protesters at Kavanaugh's home call out his history of rape 1 min

RelatedVideo from Orlando's Women's March, one of many all over the US 1 min

On the 22nd of January, the Women's March took to the streets in DC and many other cities for abortion rights. In DC, swarms of Christian nationalists and other forced-birth advocates counterprotested at the Supreme Court, leading to some tense confrontations. Women are NOT going to back down on abortion rights, no matter what the church demands!

Hours after the Women's march ended, protesters showed up at the Chevy Chase home of Supreme Court "Justice" Brett Kavanaugh. He is back in the news as new testimony and evidence of his brutal conduct towards Christine Blasey Ford and others emerges.

DC Women's March and SCOTUS scrum:

Kavanaugh home demo calls out his rapey past:

Orlando's Women's March:

Facing aggressive forced-birth supporters at the Supreme Court

Another view of the situation at SCOTUS

Photo by Our Rights DC of some of the worst far-right extremists

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