Antiwar marchers carry coffins through DC streets

On the 21st of March, a large antiwar march carried coffins draped with Iraqi flags symbolizing those killed to date in US wars in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. Specific demands were that the US not return to Iraq, nor launch a new war against Iran.

Coffins were left first at the new "City Center DC" condo complex that was supposed to become a library and public use complex until former Mayor Fenty decided condos were more his style. The condo project was cited as an example of how the war on the poor at home and US aggression in other nations are in fact the same war. Next, more caskets were deposited at the offices of AIPAC, the Israeli lobbying organization famous for bribing members of Congress. AIPAC has been instrumental in GOP efforts to undermine nuclear negotiations with Iran and force a war instead. After AIPAC, marchers stopped in front of the Wal-Mart on H st and booed them for promoting poverty wages and exploiting their workforce. The third coffin laying was at the offices of war contractor Honeywell, which perhaps should be called "Moneywell" instead. Finally the march climbed Capitol Hill in an effort to leave the rest of the coffins on the steps of one of the Senate Office Buildings. Capitol Police strongly defended these steps, so the coffins had to be laid on the sidewalk in front of them instead.

On this 12th anniversary of George W Bush's invasion of Iraq, it is worth remembering the origins of the so-called "Islamic State" known all over the Middle East as "Daesh" for the Arabic acronym of their former name. They exist as a direct result of the US invasion of Iraq. Now some in the US want to go to war against Iran at the request of AIPAC and Nehtanyahu, even though Iran is themselves at war with Daesh! In Syria the US wanted to fight against Assad in 2013, now they want to effectively fight for him against Daesh. They cannot even decide which side they are on, yet they want to go to war!

Video of the march and laying of coffins draped in the Iraqi flag

marching against proposed war in which the US does not even know who to fight for

They love drones at the White House...

Coffins draped with the Iraqi flag

laying coffins at City Center DC, a condo complex that was supposed to be a library

Laying coffins at AIPAC, one of the architects of the Iraq War and now demanding war with Iran

The doors of Honeywell (Moneywell?) blockaded with coffins

Coffins on the sidewalk in front of one of the Senate Office Buildings after US Capitol Police defended the steps against these empty caskets.

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