March on Mexican Embassy remembers Ayotzinapa 43

On the 26th of March, Members of the #Ayotzi43DC protested in front of the US Dept of State demanding a cutoff of US funds to Mexican military units involved in human rights violations. The rally was followed by a march on the Mexican Embassy. Six months ago to the day, Mexican police and military opened fire on a bus carrying 43 teaching students in Ayotzinapa and they have not been seen since. It is widely suspected that after police ambushed and fired on their bus the survivers were turned over to cartel gunmen to be killed and there is evidence their bodies may have been incinerated.

One of the demands of the march was an end to the War on Drugs, another was that "Plan Mexico" either be modified to cut off funds to murderous, cartel-collaborating military units or be scrapped entirely. This whole mess reminds me of the days of the death squads in El Salvador during the 1980's. Another way to look at it is this: the cartel gunmen were often orignally trained by the School of the Americas before they deserted to the cartels. The Mexican military units they have gained control over are still getting US funds. Thus the relationship between the United States and these murderers is similar to that between Saudi Arabia and Daesh(ISIS).

Video clips of the March and rallies

At the Mexican Embassy

On the march to the Mexican Embassy from the State Dept

The first rally, at the US Dept of State

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