Direct Action Everywhere protests inside Whole Foods over fake "cruelty free" turkeys

On the evening of Black Friday, November 27, Direct Action Everywhere protested inside the Tenleytown Whole Foods. They were protesting fake "cruelty free" turkeys being sold sometimes at triple digit prices to Whole Foods customers. Days earlier, Whole Foods released this video comparing the single "Potemkin Village" turkey farm Whole Foods uses to promote their "cruelty free" turkeys to the farms the birds actually come from.

The other, much larger turkey farms were found to have birds living in shit piles and being mutilated just as badly as the birds sold at places like Food Lion or even Wal-Mart.

Video of the protest inside Tenleytown Whole Foods

Protesters inside the Tenleytown Whole Foods-screenshot of unprotected thumbnail of video posted to Facebook

Disrupting Whole Foods over fake cruelty-free turkeys
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