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Welcome to the new Drupal site for the DC Independent Media Center. Start posting! If you appreciate this work donate Here.  05/05/2014 -- Some issues creating new user accounts. For problems, write to admin@dcindymedia.org  Encrypted site access (https) may be blocked from DC Public Library, Virgin-Mobile, and T-Mobile networks. To bypass these blocks, download tor browser:  www.torproject.org. 6/16 -- Site is now unencrypted.  For a secure encrypted connection, type https://dcindymedia.org 06/24 -- The newswire is an open publishing forum. If you get a notice "held for moderation", that is an error so please let us know. Thanks!  7/10/14 -- Comments cannot be posted from editor accounts, and moderation doesn't work correctly... Working on this. 7/11/14 -anonymous comments have been disabled due to a huge flood attack. 7/12/14 Anonymous contents are turned on again with visual Captcha. 7/13/14 - antispam module enabled due to flood of spam. If your article reports being held for moderation, that is because the automated verification is temporarily down. 7/18/14 - for a graph of the brute force attack against the server following the reports on the Gaza protests, click here. 11/29/14 - There are still issues getting the text editor panels to work correctly when writing articles. Breaks and other layout elements don't work properly.