Protesters storm Koch HQ

Arrests at the White House


The crowd on the White House area plaza


The march towards Capitol Hill-still from the UStream video

Projection and light panels

The Cole Brothers circus, where animal trainer Tim Friso says "Don't touch 'em, hurt 'em! Make 'em scream!"

Photo cropped from a John Zangas photo

DC Media Group photo


Setting up the mock Keystone XL-John Zangas photo


The TPP Crazy Train is off the tracks and back at USTR!

The scene outside Sec of State Kerry's house. It is across the street behind the barricades

Barricades and Secret Service identify Kerry's home for all to see and recognize


A round dance blocks Wisconsin Ave

Respect DC inside the H st Wal-Mart. Photo by DC Jobs with Justice

Marching to Wal-Mart. Photo by DC Jobs with Justice


Cops defending the Wal-Mart against any further incursion by protesters or union activists afterwards. Who do they serve? Who do they protect?

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