Skanska execs, neighbors get anti-viviseection valentines

on Feb 15, Valentine's Day, animal rights activists distributed hundreds of valentines to Skanska executives and their neighbors, asking that construction company Skanska USA drop their contract with University of Washington to build an underground "primate reseach center" or vivisection lab.

Here is DC Stampede's posting on this:

Three northern Virginia Skanska executives were very popular this Valentine’s Day! They and over a hundred of their neighbors received valentines, calling on them to let the animals into their hearts this year.

As many of us shared the day with loved ones, Skanska’s crew is building an underground lab that would subject thousands of animals to lives of isolated misery. Activists asked the executives, Christopher Cardinale, Amando Madan, and Stephen Skinner, to set Skanska’s drive for profit aside, and consider the animals. Those that live in the dungeon Skanska builds may never see the sun or feel the soil under their feet.

Concerned activists delivered the cards to over a hundred houses in the three neighborhoods, letting them know that their neighbor’s company will be responsible for unspeakable torture. The executives should know that it’s not too late to do the right thing, and hastily completing the lab will not wash their hands of innocent beings’ blood.

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