Donald Trump challenged to boxing match, promoter Bob Arum vows to "shut his mouth"

Donald Trump is famous for saying he wanted to "punch protesters" and for violent assaults on protesters at his events. Now he has been challenged to put up or shut up by boxing promoter Bob Arum. At an unrelated boxing match he vowed "“Any time he wants, all proceeds go to charity. Let me take on Donald Trump." He added "I’ll handle him, not like these guys who don’t hit him and treat him with kid gloves. I mean, he’s a disgrace. You can’t say what he’s saying; you can’t make these hateful speeches when you’re running for President of the United States."

There are many who want to challenge Trump after his talk of punching people but one person has already thrown down the gloves in challenge. For his part Arum has called Trump "a clown" and vowed to "shut his mouth" in the ring.

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