James O'Keefe's thugs beat, choke progressives for infiltrating "Friends of Abe"

On the 29th of January, a "friends of Abe" event in NYC featured infamous right-wing liar James O'Keefe (of Veritas fame). When Huffington Post writer Ryan Clayton backed by other activists took to the stage to confront O'Keefe, O'Keefe's thugs responded by choking him, dragging him down the stairs, and stepping on his head. Another progressive infiltrator, Jason Carter, ended up in the hospital with injuries after also being assaulted.

O'Keefe is famous for his selectively edited videos that destroyed ACORN's work, and for his attack videos targeting #disruptJ20 organizers. He can while all he wants about political violence but here we have foot

He probably had a pre-existing beef with Ryan Clayton due to Clayton's sucessful counter-sting against Project Veritas, in which he caught far-right operatives on video offering bribes for progressive activists to blockade a certain bridge among other targets. O'Keefe is also infamous for selectively editing videos, and has paid out five-figure judgements in the past for slander and even faced criminal charges. Now he could potentially find himself facing charges for assault in New York City. He has only published video from after the Sunday night assault, and claims to be holding video from inside the Friends of Abe event so he can blur out the faces of his violent thugs.

The beatings and violence inflicted against undercover progressive activists by O'Keefe's goons stand in sharp contrast to the nonviolent removal of multiple infiltrators sent by O'Keefe against DisruptJ20's meetings. None of the fascist goons send against #DisruptJ20 by O'Keefe's "project Veritas" were beaten, none were choked and dragged down the stairs. Instead they were fed false information and excluded from later events.


The assault scene that was captured near the end of the Huffington Post video

The entire Huffington Post video, showing how singing a song precipitated the assault(Youtube 5:43). Includes the last prior speaker, the song, the assault on the singer (camera was in pocket so audio only) then Ryan Clayton being choked, dragged, and stepped on on video

THIS is how James O'Keefe prefers to handle disagreement: send his thugs to beat, kick, choke, and stomp his opponents,.

O'Keefe's thugs putting Ryan Clayton in a chokehold before dragging him down the stairs

What O'Keefe's bullies did to Jason Carter

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