Gas-guzzling Air Force sponsors Clarendon Cup bicycle race

On the 7th of June, the US Air Force was the lead sponsor of the Clarendon Cup bicycle race, as half of the "US Air Force Cycling Classic." I find it almost hypocritical that one of the world's largest users of jet fuel is sponsoring a bicycle race. A human-powered flight competition would at least be somewhat a match for them, however. Another sponsor was Triple Canopy, possibly the mercenary company.

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The race, on the other hand, was excellent as aways. Clarendon is actually considered one of the best criterium courses, and this race is unusually long for that type of race. As usual, a breakaway managed to get away for good at about halfway through and then proceeded to lap the field. Having done so, they were no longer out in the wind and were able to sit in with the pack to take the top positions.

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