Armed antifascist march celebrates after KKK and Nazi no-show at "Rock Stone Mountain"

Video compilation:Klansman burned in effigy, armed march and victory speech citing Berkeley victories 3 min 10 sec

Feb 2nd was supposed to be the major KKK/Nazi "Rock Stone Mountain" rally at Stone Mountain Park in GA. The mountain has figures of Confederate generals carved into it and is the reputed birthplace of the KKK. Antifascists had been mobilizing for months to counter this rally, while the Klan and Nazis expected total police support. The fash were denied a permit by Stone Mountain Park, and their organizing fell apart into disarray. The event was cancelled. On Feb 2, not a single fascist was seen by antifascist activists guarding the area, so an antifa victory march was held. WE HAVE REPLACED YOU!

Antifascists activists, knowing the long history of violence and murder were not taking half-measures. Taking full advantage of permissive gun laws in Georgia, some antfascists were armed with long guns that would allow them to return fire against any "lone wolf" attackers from the Klan or Nazis. Many anti-fascist wore masks in defiance of Georgia's mask law, but with armed antifascists in the crowd police wisely chose not to attempt to arrest masked marchers.

Photo by Shay Horse

Burning an effigy of a KKK sheethead (cropped still from Brendan O'Brian's video)

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