MAGA hats burned, Trumpers routed at Minneapolis Trump rally

Video: MAGA hats burn, Trumpers chased away 17 seconds

On the 10th of October, Donald Trump made the mistake of appearing at an arena in Minneapolis, MN for a Trump 2020 campaign rally. Outside protests grew and grew, and the shit hit the fan as the event ended. Reports were at least 40 MAGA hats were burned in a pile in a scene resembling the J20 Inauguration protests.

FOX news speculated endlessly about how the Trump supporters were going to get out of the arena. This resembled the Orioles game that found itself under siege during the 2015 Baltimore Uprising for Freddie Gray, where protesters laid siege to the stadium. Finally Trump supporters began leaving, some of them foolishly wearing MAGA hats and other merchandise that revealed them to the waiting crowd. This led to Trump supporters fleeing the area, some of them chased by protesters as others warned the remaining Trump people to "avoid the area" and "not wear merchandise." This is a ROUT for Donald Trump and his MAGAT friends, and his 2020 election campaign still has 13 months left to go!

Burn baby burn! MAGA hats burn as Trump peddles hate in Minneapolis

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