UK Daily Mail posts story readable as conflating Code Pink with ISIS video

On the 18th of September,the UK Daily mail released an article potentially conflating the recent Code Pink protests on Capitol Hill with the "Flames of War" propaganda video recently released by the so-called "Islamic State." The article as a whole is mostly about the video, if read with most JavaScript turned off the photos appear in a slideshow, mostly still from the video, plus one scene of cops in Times Square and once scene of Code Pink getting into a war hearing "without a challenge from Capitol Police." A careful reading of the story with all JavaScript except trackers turned on reveals two other videos: one of US General Dempsey saying US ground troops cannot be ruled out, and one of Code Pink disrupting the hearings. A quick scan, however, gives the false impression that Code Pink's protest actually appears in the Islamic State video! Only a full reading reveals that the article leaves the subject of the video and describes other war news, including the Code Pink protests, near the bottom.

This Youtube posting of the "Flames of War" propaganda video

is embedded in the article, if it is watched all the way through it becomes clear that Code Pink does not appear anywhere in it. Neither do the NYPD cops with weapons at Times Square for that matter. None the less, a quick scan, especially with Javascript restricted, makes it appear that they both do. I suspect this is an intentional smear against Code Pink, carefully written with legal review to avoid the danger of a libel suit under strict UK libel laws. The video itself is poorly produced, while US and UK media breathlessly describe it as "Hollywood quality." There were insurgent videos from Iraq of better quality than this as far back as 2004, when one insurgent group challenged George Bush saying "you asked us to bring it on, and so have we, as never expected."

Photo under AP Byline appearing in UK Daily Mail story alongside stills from ISIS "flames of war" video. With JavaScript limited it is last in a slideshow of mostly stills from the video

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