'South Park' levels Redskins, Goodell, NFL in its latest episode

The NFL found itself in the crosshairs of "South Park" on Wednesday night, and nobody got out unscathed. The Washington Redskins' racially-tinged nickname, Dan Snyder's tone-deaf public persona, Roger Goodell's non-answers, Ray Rice, Jerry Jones ... everything was a target.

You can see the whole episode for yourself, with a strong NSFW warning, right here. Basic plotline: the boys of South Park are trying to form a startup company with the express intention of raking in cash via Kickstarter, and realize that "Washington Redskins" is available since the team has had its trademark canceled.

Cartman et. al. dub themselves "The Washington Redskins" and watch the Kickstarter funds roll in. The sharper cuts come when Snyder, Jay Gruden and a late-substitution Kirk Cousins (RG3 was in the episode's preview) show up to demand Cartman stop using the name. He sends them off using the exact same condescending defiance Snyder does against Native American protestors, capped off with, "From one Redskin to another: go [expletive] yourself."

From there, madness: Snyder tries to summon the Goodell-Bot, which spouts clips from Goodell's own press conference last week before breaking down, and then appeals to the grand council of NFL owners via Skype. 



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