On the 5th of September, the DropKiwiFarms campaign announced victory! The anti-LGBTQ/anti-neurodivergent doxxing and hate site kiwifarms(dot)net had just been booted off Cloudflare for "imminent threat to human life," and less than 24 hours later their backup Russian DDOS protection (DDOSguard) also booted them.

Now both kiwifarms(dot)net and kiwifarms(dot)ru are down. This is what you get for SWATTING and for trying to localize and kill a transgender activist holed up in Belfast. This is what you get for blizzards of shooting and bomb threats against transgender civilians-and for thinking you can also escalate to SWATTING a sitting member of Congress and get away with it. So what that the Congresswoman is outright Fascist Marjorie Tayler Greene: KiwiFarms SWATTED her, then tried to claim it for transgender youth, presumably hoping to start a war that would end in many police raids. It didn't work.

Instead, a campaign lasting just one month has taken down a major terrorist platform responsible for at least three deaths. Who's the "lolcow" now, Kiwi Farms?

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