Identifying with that which Is Prior to Consciousness

Awoke early and watched random thoughts crawl through the mind, before moving the body in the direction of the showers at Building Bridges homeless shelter in Ukiah, California.  This segued to bottom lining the trash & recycling chore, which then prompted a trip to the nearby laundromat.  Returned to the homeless shelter with the laundry squeaky clean, put on a cap and sunglasses, and headed out for a breakfast burrito and cup o' coffee at the Ukiah Co-op.  Next stop: the Ukiah Public Library.  Right this moment am on a public computer at precisely 4:40 PM PST, fully conscious in the here and now.  I am ready to go forth on the planet earth and destroy the demonic and return this world to righteousness.  For the Jivan Mukta there isn't anything else to do, other than drop the body-mind complex altogether and go up.         Playing three lotteries twice weekly and accepting contributions on the occasion of the September 28th birthday at  That's it!  There isn't anything else to say. Craig Louis StehrEmail: craiglouisstehr@gmail.comTelephone Messages: (707) 234-327021.IX.'22

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