Tampa music venue Brass Mug postered as Proud Boy-fronted band Trapt plays

Video-posters go up on the venue walls as Proud Boy fronted band Trapt plays 1 min 8 sec

On the 24th of February, Trapt played at the brass Mug in Tampa. Trapt's lead singer is a Proud Boy, and his public pro-Fascist statements have cost the band a drummer (who quit over this shit) and many cancelled shows. While one of the opening acts played, anti-Fascist activists entered the venue parking lot and posted fliers directly on the walls of the brass mug.

One poster by the door called out Trapt as a Nazi band, while other targetted Christopher Rufo, DeSantis's handpicked New College administrator who job is to turn that college into an extreme-right institution. Once postering the venue and venue parking lot were complete, activists fanned out to distribute the posters elsewhere in Tampa.

Rufo got his start as one of the originators of the far-right hysteria over critical race theory. He is also publicly opposing any and all teaching related to LGBTQ issues. If DeSantis has his way, even teaching evolution in colleges might be banned in FL. If the King James Bible ever becomes the only legal textbook in FL schools and universities Christopher Rufo will be one of the reasons for it. By using posters targetting Christopher Rufo as the main payload of the mission, activists chose to focus not on the little fish (Trapt's Proud Boiy frontman) but rather on a much bigger fish.

The Brass Mug as seen from the parking lot

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