Protesters raid venue of TPP talks in Atlanta, several arrests

On the first of October, another round of TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) trade talks began at the Westin hotel in Atlanta GA. In the morning, a dozen protesters entered the lobby chanting"Stop the TPP! No corporate greed." Security demanded they leave, several refused and were arrested. One of the arrestees was wearing a T-shirt reading ""I HAVE CANCER. I CAN'T WAIT 8 YEARS" referring to the "TPP Death Sentence," a US proposal to extend patents on biologic drugs such as some cancer treatments for 8 years.

Some believe the talks are unlikely to produce a finished treaty because the fast-track authorization Obama rammed though Congress included a number of restrictions on what could be in the deal that negotiators complain will make it difficult to make compromises over sticking points over multiple indistries.

Photo by Common Dreams

Photo by Expose TPP

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