May 2022

"Janes's revenge" burns Madison, WI antichoice group's HQ

On Sunday, the 8th of May, warriors from "Jane's Revenge" struck the headquarters of a Madison, WI antichoice lobbying group with one or more molotov cocktails. In a communique, they warn that this is just the beginning if all remaining "antichoice establishments" do not shut down their operations. In other words, stop their war against women, or be made war upon themselves.

Video posted by of the fire damage and graffiti 13 sec

Supreme Court "Injustice" Alito gets pro-choice home demo

On the 9th of May, pro-choice protesters descended on the VA home of Supreme Court "Justice" Samuel Alito, author of the infamous draft decision to overturn Roe v Wade. Protesters warned that this is not just about abortion but contraception and LGBTQ rights too.

Video based on Shut Down DC's live coverage including two speakers 8 min 13 sec

Hundreds protest in rain at homes of SCOTUS judges Kavanaugh, Roberts

On the 7th of May, hundreds of pro-choice activists descended on the posh Chevy Chase homes of Supreme Court "Injustices" Kavanaugh and Roberts. Neither rain nor cold nor cops yakking about residential protest laws could deter them. Statements afterwards warned that if women don't get privacy in their bodies, SCOTUS judges don't get privacy in their homes.

Video from "FederalFelonMouse" twitter clips: the protests and a cop's failed attempt to stop them 1 min 22 sec

A cop futily tries to scare off protesters

Pro-Choice marchers take to the streets nationwide

Sat, the 7th of May was the first weekend day after the Supreme Court's Monday leak of a draft decision to totally overturn Roe v Wade. Marchers took to the streets in many cities from coast to coast. One of these marches took place in Tampa, FL. Florida has passed a partial abortion ban that presumably goes into effect in July. Florida is becoming a major battleground state on gender and sexuality issues.

Video-the march in Tampa hugely outnumbers fundamentalist counterprotesters 1 min 7 sec

Adams-Morgan Plaza memorial to Miguel Gonzales destroyed by unknown parties

Miguel Gonzales used to sleep on Adams-Morgan Plaza. When Truist Bank fenced it off, he was displaced and was found dead shortly therafter. A memorial to him had been erected on the fence, only to be destroyed sometime between Wed May 4 and Thurs, May 5 by unknown forces.

The memorial to Miguel Gonzales on Truist Bank's fence around Adams-Morgan plaza before it was destroyed

Fences go up at SCOTUS as nationwide anger rises, fighting begins and clinic attacks ramp up

By the morning of May 5, the tall fence previously seen at the US Capitol and the White House was installed surrounding the US Supreme Court. Some say this means formal publication of the draft decision is imminent. Angry protests are already taking place nationwide however.

Video-LAPD arrest attempt at pro-choice march defeated in furious fighting 48 sec of why they want this fence!

Video-Far-right storms building housing DC clinic 3 min 27 sec

Supreme Court gets massive pro-choice protest in wake of draft decision to overturn Roe

On the afternoon of the 3ed of May, pro-choice protesters returned to the Supreme Court for the 2nd time in less than 24 hours. This was a huge permit rally w space set aside for both pro-choice activists and antichoice bigots. So few of the antichoicers showed up that pro-choice activists got control of both areas.

Video-Fundamentalist Christian heckler driven OUT of rally 52 sec

Video-Reportback by John Zangas from the rally as a whole 2 min 38 sec

Video-two clips by Alejandro Alvarez showing huge crowd and "Where is Joe? chant 51 sec

Supreme Court gets angry midnight protest over draft decision to overturn Roe

Within hours of Politico's publication of the Supreme Court's planned decision to overturn Roe V Wade, protesters were outside and things got heated between hundreds of pro-choice protesters and a much smaller gtoup of theocrats. At least one punch was thrown.

Video of showdown w counterprotesters by Moira Warburton 17 sec

Furious pro-choice protesters gather at the Supreme Court. More expected at 5PM TODAY