Two arrested in banner drop on Reagan building over Honduras coup

On the 14th of March, two people were arrested after a banner was dropped inside the Ronald Reagan Building opposing the involvement of USAID in the 2009 coup in Honduras. Two of their support team were at least detained as well, security guards used a pain hold on one of them. The banner remembered Berta Caceres, an Indigenous activist murdered by the coup regime's security forces last week. USAID has an office on the Mezzanine level in the building. Security guards failed in their attempt to prevent the protest from being photographed.

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has admitted to her role in the Honduran coup. The role of USAID in supporting the coup is clear, as their "democracy promotion" money flowed to the new regime as to the old regime. The coup took place after the previous government voted to raise the minimim wage. Now we see the new US funded coups are the same as the old ones, complete with routine murder of Indigenous activists like Berta Caceres. Thus, it is truly appropriate that USAID has an office in a building named for Ronald Reagan, who was infamous for war and wholesale murder in Central America.

Video by Rex Neon

Photo by Anya Parampil. USAID security tried to prevent this photo.

Banner Hang at Ronald Reagan Building against USAID funding coups and murder
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