Huge protest for immigrant rights as Supreme Court hears US vs Texas

On the 18th of April, pro-migrant protesters took over much of the area in front of the US Supreme Court as the court heard Texas's challenge to Obama's deportation relief program. Texas and other GOP controlled states are trying to block implementation of Obama's DAPA/extended DAPA programs, which "defer" deportation for those whose children were born on US soil and are thus considered citizens even by the flatly illegal settler regime that controls the part of Turtle Island called the "United States." The GOP gains votes on racism and hate, thus is trotting out every possible excuse to attack Latino families.

At the Monday protest picked up steam, police tried to keep demonstrators on the sidewalk and off of the street. They totally and completely lost control of the street when the Democracy Awakens march passed through on the way to the Capitol and their sit-in. Pro-migrant marchers filled in behind them and held the street, and as of a little after Noon the police had not retaken it.

The Monday, April 18th protest was the final of 4 days of protest around the Supreme Court's hearing of US vs Texas. A fast and vigil for DAPA had been in place in front of the court in daylight hours since Friday, April 15th.

In terms of objections cited by GOP states, NBC News cited complaints about of all things the cost of issuing more driver's licenses for migrants as grounds for states objecting to the program! If that is really the issue, Texas and other states could save a lot more money by abolishing driver licensing and auto registration entirely. All of the objecting states including Texas are GOP controlled. This is not about the cost of issuing documents, its about the cost to the GOP of letting people of color vote, it's about nothing less than a continuation of the Indian Wars. Almost all of the migrants in question are of Native American descent, while the GOP, CBP, and ICE are literally a bunch of settlers who illegally occupied Turtle Island by armed force. In other words, the anti-migrant campaign of hate and all of the US immigration laws are nothing more than settlers trying to limit where Native American people are permitted to travel on Native American land.

Video-immigration protesters hold the street after Democracy Awakinging passes through

The rally at the Supreme Court before the Democracy Awakens march passed through the area

The Supreme Court well after the Democracy Awakens march had passed through. Even though all of the sit-in at the Capitol had been arrested, the migrant rights protesters were still holding the street between the Capitol and the Supreme Court,

Holding the street for migrant rights
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