People of faith disrupt FERC meeting over gas fracking

On the 25th of April, members of a number of churches and religious groups answered a call by Interfaith Moral Action on Climate to speak out and disrupt the April monthly meeting of FERC, infamous as the fracked gas industry's rubber stamp. FERC is also the agency that gives the builders of gas and oil pipelines the power to resort to eminent domain.

Yes, "there is a situation" at FERC! An agency that until two years ago had never seen a protest now gets their meetings disrupted every month, and had been the target of multipe week-long sieges of civil disobedience and the month long September 2015 hunger fast and vigil in the run up to the Pope's visit last year. At the meetings it seems to rarely be the same protesters twice, making it almost impossible for security to pre-empt the speakouts that are now routinely disrupting FERC's normal "work" of applying the rubber stamp to permits for gas fracking and export pipelines. Speaking of "work," one of the recurring themes is that FERC in fact doesn't work, it is supposed to be a regulatory agency but has been entirely captured by the oil and gas industry.

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Video combining both clips published by Beyond Extreme Energy

Disrupting FERC over gas fracking-AGAIN!
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