Trump's Muslim roundups begin in spite of delayed executive order, emergency protests held in DC and NYC

SURG-DC is reporting that arrests and deportations of US Muslims have already started. Visas are being revoked without warning. At any time Trump is expected to issue an executive order forbidding immigration by most or all Muslims, but he has not signed it yet. He already signed a decree (this is how he rules) to build a wall on the Mexican border. Somehow Trump still expects Mexico to pay for this wall.

With the formal ban on Muslim immigrations still expected and roundups already starting, an emergency protest was held in DC on 15th st near the White House. A second and very large protest was held in New York City.

Trump has also signed another decree (an "executive order" again) cutting all Federal funding not requires directly by Federal statute law to "sanctuary cities." meaning cities like DC that prohibit ICE from fishing in their jail and court systems for migrants. Yesterday (actually J20) they came for the anarchists and socialists, with almost 300 felony arrests during the Inauguration. Today Trump is coming for both Muslim and Latino migrants. who is next on the menu? It is now clear that just we so many people feared, we are now living under Fascism. Things are happening very fast: stay ALERT and be ready for anything.

With this blizzard of executive orders, Trump is ruling by decree wherever he can. His racism and hate are running uncontrolled. Now is the time for all people to stand with those Trump is rounding up and sending to prison, deportation, or even torture. If you do not fight for those who are under attack today, there may be nobody left to fight for you when Trump comes for you.

At the moment, Trump is signing decrees and thousands of people are scrambling on hours notice to emergency protests. Going forward this will hopefully lead to hard-core solidarity work and an unrelenting "sand in the gears" campaign were every Trumo decree harming one group of people is interfered with by all of the groups under threat.

Photo by Mobasra

Photo by Mobasra

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