Protesters at Turkish ambassador's house denounce Erdogan's violence and terror

On the 16th of May, Turkish dictator Erdogan's security forces beat and kicked peaceful pro-YPG and Armenian protesters near the Turkish Embassy.On the 19th of May, protesters returned to the Turkish ambassador's home near the embassy. They denounced both Erdogan's security squad's brutality in DC and routine similar behavior in Turkey. Kurdish activists and DC area antifascists were both present at this protest.

The dictator of Turkey has chosen to restart a war between Turkey and Kurdistan that was thought to have been over. Most Kurds consider Erdogan to be covertly allied with Daesh(ISIS) as he like the Daesh leadership is a theocrat. The foreign state sponsored terror inflicted by Erdogan's security goons here in DC included group kickings to the head, which can kill. With at least one member of DC's anticapitalist community as well as our Kurdish allies assaulted by his personal security detail, this was an act of war against not only Kurdistan but the anticapitalist community too. Turkey should now expect that support for the YPG from US East Coast anticapitalists will be considerably intensified. The cowardly acts of Erdogan's security goons on May 16 will NOT be forgotten.

As for claims by MPD that they are "investigating" this brutality, one of the two people they arrested on Tuesday turned out to be a Kurdish protester arrested by mistake. He has been released, but his attackers have gotten away-for now, and from MPD.

Breaking-Video emerges on Youtube with evidence Erdogen personally ordered the May 16th attack

Video of the brutal beating and kicking of peaceful protesters by Erdogan's security detail on May 16, 2017 (video on

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