Nazis fail in attempt to shut down "Against the Fascist Creep" author talk at Potter's House

On the 2nd of June, the author of the book "Against the Fascist Creep" held a discussion at the Potter's House about the history of fascism and how it relates to current events. Four neo-Nazis in MAGA hats showed up and barged in. Antifascists posted guards all around the Nazis and photographed them. Meanwhile the free speech about the history of fascism kept right on going as though the Nazis were safely in a cage at Nuremburg. One of the four openly admitted to being not just a Trump supporter but an actual Nazi.

Jack Posobiec claims to have released "Against the Fascist Creep" as a free PDF in an attempt to cost the author any compensation for his work, but it is anyone's guess whether that PDF file really contains only the book. PDF files can be crafted to serve as "droppers" for malware and no doubt the Nazis would love to gain access to activist computers.

At exactly 9PM the Potter's House closed, the Nazis were required to leave immediately and complied, with antifascists then following them out. The Nazis retreated up Columbia Road to a park, where they challenged an Antifa detachment that followed them to a fight. Knowing that the alt-right in DC has the bad habit of starting fights only to immediately run to the cops this "bad faith" offer to fight it out was refused. The Nazis then tried to get into a taxicab-only to be ejected just as Richard Spencer was back in April. They finally escaped from Mt Pleasant in a second taxicab, again following Spencer's example.

Video showing Nazis at Potter's House, then challenging Antifa activists to fight,and finally fleeing by taxicab

Four neo-Nazis barged into the Potter's House in a failed attempt to disrupt or maybe shut down an author talk

All four Nazis photographed by Lacy, using a better camera for low light work.

@AltRightVa, one of the same fascists who tried to disrupt the June 2 author talk, at the April 8 "antiwar" protest called by neo-Nazi leader Richard Spencer.

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