DC Reinvest rallies at Wilson Building demanding DC govt cut ties to Wells Fargo

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On the 15th of June, DC Reinvest continued their campaign against Wells Fargo with a round dance and rally at the Wilson Building. There is a bill pending in the DC Council to force the DC government to close all their accounts with Wells Fargo but it has been stalled. Under existing DC law Wells Fargo should be prohibited from doing business with DC due to the failing grade they got from the feds on community lending.

That failing grade implies racial discrimination at Wells Fargo. Even the Wells Fargo stagecoach logo of course is a symbol of racism, as it is an explicit endorsement of the armed theft of Indigenous land in western Turtle Island. Wells Fargo played a major role in handling funds for that genocidal campaign, and such behavior by Well Fargo continues today, Wells Fargo is reviled by Indigenous activists today for their role in funding both the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines. Both pipelines threaten Indigenous communities with the total loss of drinking water if they break.

Wells Fargo is also infamous for their role in funding private prisons through the GEO Group. The prison investments are the main reason for the years-long campaign to evict Wells Fargo from Capitol Pride, with the pipelines and new predatory lending revelations as addtional motivations for the focus on them in No Justice No Pride.

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