KKK 45 min late to own rally in Charlotteville before being chased away

On the 8th of July, the city of Charlottesville, VA turned out riot cops in force to defend a KKK rally from anti-Fascists. There were so many antifascists the KKK could not get in until 45 minutes of their hour permit had expired. Shortly therafter they left, with antifascists pursuing them back to their parking garages.

Before the Klan could even enter their protest pen, cops had to force a passage through anti-Klan protesters blocking access in a form of civil disobedience. The cops then brought the KKK in by what appears to have been the same route they got some of the arrestees out. By that time, 45 minutes had expired out of the hour alloted in the Klan's permit.

There were a number of arrests orginally for "felony masking" reported. On Monday, July 10 three people were reported to have been charged with this. There were also the earlier civil disobedience style arrests.

There were two sets of arrests altogether. The first was of protesters blocking the Klan's access to the area by what appear to be the city police. At least some of those were of protesters not wearing masks. The Klan members wore everything but their masks, as that extreme mask law was supposedly aimed at the Klan itself. Presumably the KKK didn't want to call out the hypocrisy of their police buddies. On the other hand, several Klan members were wearing pistols in holsters at their belts. The second set of arrests was after the KKK left, by Virginia State Troopers in riot gear and with at least one dog.

After the KKK had run the gauntlet back to their cars, Virginia State Troopers showed up in armored vehicles and riot gear. They were not visible in the early arrests that cleared the way for the Klan to enter the scene. These riot cops attacked the counterprotesters and threw what appeared to be some kind of pepper spray grenades that dispersed a yellow powder.As of 7PM three people were still being held and about 20 people were outside the courthouse for jail support. None of the police violence could change the fact that the KKK could not start their rally on time, lost three quarters of their alloted time, and got harassed all the way back to their cars.

Video compilation showing CD that delayed the Klan, the faceoff against the KKK, then Va State Police riot cop attack

Here's a section of Lacy MacAuley's Twitter feed of these events (from https://twitter.com/lacymacauley):

NO RACISTS! NO #KKK! Estimate of crowd size today was 1,500 anti-racists, facing off against about 30 racists. #Charlottesville #BlocKKK

Multiple arrests, much pepper spray. I caught it in the eyes. Friends were arrested. Another day, US

Groups block chasing outside parking garage.

Klan has exited. Groups pursuing and dogging them at their parking garage.

The Klan was 45 minutes late to their own rally. Only had permit for 1 hour. "Racists go home!" Is new chant.

The Klan finally arrived (heavily protected by the police). All 30 of them. Many hundreds of anti-racists

Stray racists inside park, but none actually identifying as Klan. Huge anti-racist crowd.

Huge number of anti-racists block park.

Police violence and four arrests at west side of enclosure. Small number racists (~4) made it into barrier.

Some #KKK supporters starting to wait by fence for their 3 PM racist-rally start time.

Huge anti-racist crowd here in #Charlottesville to #BlocKKK. So far almost no #KKK supporters to be seen.

Racist confederate-flag hat guy gets interview. Meanwhile, there are about

Stray confederate flag fans are on this side of fence having verbal altercations with our anti-racist crowd.

Large group of people are here to oppose #KKK. So far no klan on the other side of fence, just stray racists.

Real deal #KKK members are expected to arrive but so far the police are the only fascists here.

Meanwhile, only #KKK supporter here shut down by protesters, calls for police to protect him but won't leave park

Heavy police presence in #Charlottesville, VA #BlockKKK. Many roads blocked by police.

Photo by Lacy

Photo by Lacy

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