DC Remembers Charlottesville with march from WWII Memorial to Confederate statue by MPD

On the 13th of August, DC area residents protested the Nazi outrages in Charlottesville, VA. What began as a medium size march from the WWII Veterans Memorial to the White House mushroomed into a huge march from the White House past Trump Hotel to the Albert Pike (Confederate) statue by MPD. https://archive.org/details/DCCharlottesville8132017540p

Yes, DC has it's very own statue commemorating a man who loved slavery and the Confederacy so much he moved there from the north to become a Confederate general. A similar statue of Robert E Lee in Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, VA has sparked a controversy over its pending removal blocked by a court. This has been the excuse for ever-larger KKK and Nazis rallies there that culminated in the death of one counterprotester and serious injuries to 19 more on August 12, 2017.

One demand of the protesters here in DC is that a staute commemorating slavery and murder be removed. This should be done before it becomes a magnet for neo-Nazi torchlight parades and terrorist attacks. Oddly, two videographers were nearly run down by a car driving on the sidewalk near 7th st about a half hour after this DC protest ended, but preliminary indications are this incident was only a "normal" drunk driver rather than another terrorist attack.

The deliberate and deadly, ISIS-style vehicle attack on anti-Nazi protesters in Charlottesville by comparison cannot be called anything other than terrorism and murder. All that hate came from somewhere. There seemed to be a consensus in the streets that it comes right from the top. The crowds in DC responded to Trump Hotel with massive boos and chants of "Shame shame shame," holding Trump himself responsible for the river of hate that has inundated the US since he began his campaign.

In nearby Alexandria, VA, protesters marched on the home of notorious (and notably punched) neo-Nazi leader Richard Spencer. The IWW showed up there with their flags and remembering Heather Heyer. Richard Spencer hid on his roof, with just his cellphone camera peeking over the side. One participant stated that at least 200 people were present outside Richard Spencer's house.

Video of the massive DC marches for Charlottesville Includes bonus footage from Charlottesville providing 1 min synopsis(0:31 to 1.38)

Protesters surround and climb DC's very own Confederate statue

The view from DC's own Confederate statue, located by MPD headquarters and taken over by protesters after Charlottesville. It will be coming down soon no doubt.

What amounted to a single, merged march began with a march from the WWII Memorial to the White House

At the White House two protests merged into one

From the White House protesters marched past Trump Hotel on their way to the Pike statue

In Alexandria, VA, residents marched on Richard Spencer's house. (Photo by Hayley Harman‏ @heyhayhar)

IWW flag at the Richard Spencer home demo (Photo by Hayley Harman‏ @heyhayhar)

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