Second day of DC marches for Charlottesville goes to Trump Hotel, Pike statue again

On the 14th of August, anti-racist/anti-Nazi protesters gathered at Trump's White House for the second day in a row. Again they marched to Trump Hotel, again they marched from there to the Albert Pike statue by MPD.

This time there was an Antifa contingent that took the lead of the march, and at the Pike Statue demands were made for dropping charges against both the J20 protesters in DC and the July 8 anti-Klan protesters in Charlottesville. This as well as the continuing demand that the Pike statue come down. Albert Pike, after all, was a founding member of the Ku Klux Klan. There have been protests in past years in which the same Pike monument has actually been draped in an oversize white sheet and hood due to this fact.

Elsewhere on Turtle Island, activists in Durham, North Carolina took direct action and sucessfully toppled a Confederate monument.Video on Liveleak Could this be a new trend?

Video-Marchers shout "Shame!" at Trump Hotel, read J20 and July 8 solidarity statements at Pike Statue

Marching past Trump Hotel with an antifa bloc up front

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