Video: overall sequence of events in Charlottesville

Video: How a night and day of Nazi terror and utmost resistance went down in Charlottesville, and special memorium for Heather Heyer

Update Aug 19:More raw, close-up video of just the Nazis Pay attention to the guy with the red beard circled near the end: he is wanted for a serious assault near the police station.

The first video shows the general sequence of events that took place from Aug 11-12 in Charlottesville. First is show that menacing torchlight parade which was intended to storm a church and shut down Cornell West's speech.

Next up, the Nazis fight their way into town for their rally. Included here is a Unicorn Riot clip which proves the Nazis waded into counterprotesters bashing with shields and swinging clubs, not the other way around. Other clips show the furious resistance mounted by anti-racist/anti-Fascist protesters, culminating in the Governor's declaration of a state of emergency, cancellation of the "Unite the Right" rally permit and use of the police to forcibly remove the Nazis from the park. It is so rare for police to use force against Nazis, but this time they did.

There was then a time of chaos, with a report of Nazis holding a second rally miles away-and a Nazi march still in the streets near Emancipation Park. Getting word these fascists planned to march into a neighborhood of color, anti-fascists moved in to intercept and cut them off. When two anti-fascist marches met, turned, and headed up another street, a single Nazi, his battle gear still in his car, launched his deadly terrorist attack. Included here is a clip showing that some folks beat the car after the attack, NOT before as some alt-right trolls are claiming. The terrorist in the car sent 19 people to the hospital and murdered Heather Heyer.

The final part of this video is a memorium for Heather Heyer, showing a beautiful "Heather Heyer lives forever in our hearts" banner attacked to a Confederate monument (Lee) in Richmond, and the toppling of a Confederate monument in Durham, North Carolina two days after Charlottesville. Heather, you will never be forgotten!

Bonus video-all the footage that shows just the fascists,posted here to assist research and investigation into the criminals responsible for two days of Nazi terror in Charlottesville.

It started with Nazi terror the night before, looking like Berlin 1936

The man in the red beard is WANTED for a serious assault in a parking garage right next to the police station. A $10,000 bounty has been posted for information leading to his arrest.

Another view of the same Nazi (red beard, in the center)

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