Richard Spencer gets another home demo

On the 20th of August at around sunset, protesters showed up yet again in front of Richard Spencer's house on King St in Old Town Alexandria, the one that doubles as the National Policy Institute office. Nazis showed themselves on the roof seeking to film protesters.

Richard Spencer was maced and detained in Charlottesville as the cops forcibly removed the Nazis from Emancipation Park. After the terrorist attack using a car that killed one person and sent 19 more to the hospital, Spencer reportedly told his troops to slink out of town to avoid arrest and questioning about the murder and mayhem. Earlier in the year, Spencer was one of the organizers of the first torchlight rally in front of the General Lee statue in Emancipation Park.

Spencer is the president of the National Policy Institute, a "suit and tie Nazi" think tank known for advocating the use of police armed force to forcibly sterilize people of color. That is part of his supposed "peaceful ethnic cleansing" platform. There is nothing peaceful about arrest and physically forced "eugenic" sterilization, and such a government would be resisted with utmost force and with no quarter asked by its intended victims. Thus there is nothing even remotely peaceful about it. Much of the far-right even speaks openly of a second Civil War in the US, one they intend to start.

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