Solidarity protest held at DC's Pike statue as anti-Fascists in Berkeley stop another fascist event

Video from the DC solidarity rally plus clips from Berkeley

On the 27th of August, a major anti-Fascist mobilization in Berkeley, CA succeeded in stopping a planned "America First" alt-right/Nazi rally by occupying the intended site of the racist event. DC activists responding to a national call for solidarity protests held a speak-out at the Albert Pike (Confederate/KKK) next to MPD headquarters.

One cop asked if protesters planned on pulling down the Pike statue, but for that protesters would have first had to literally "get the rope" to go around the Pike statue's neck as was done in Durham , NC. This being a speakout and not a direct action, protesters were not equipped with rope and tools. Albert Pike would have no business complaining, as the Ku Klux Klan he helped found was infamous for lynching people by hanging and also by burning. Unlike those murdered by the KKK, the statue is inanimate.

In Berkeley, only about 100 Nazis or Trumpers showed up after "alt-right" organizers claimed to have cancelled permitted rallies in both Berkeley and San Francisco. This "remnant" turnout was far short of the thousand or so fascist thugs that showed their ugly faces in Charlottesville. They found themselves facing thousands of counterprotesters. As in Charlottesville, the Nazis lost the site of their planned rally, but this time they lost it directly to counterprotesters. With the official rally cancelled, police were under no obligation to hold the park for Nazis who showed up anyway. Given that two police officers were killed in the Charlottesville helicopter crash, police may have had little motivation to do anything for the Nazis who showed up anyway.

It appears that the loss of their official rally scattered Nazis and Trump supporters across the area in Berkeley, pursuied by oppponents of fascist murder and terror. At the park, the general public was reported cheering as masked antifa took the park and denied it to the fascists. There were conflicting reports on Twitter concerning interaction between scattered alt-right fascists and everyone else:

Steve Patterson at NBC News repoorts "crowd extremely volatile. Police scattered, #ANTIFA everywhere. Scuffles all over. Police in masks, fingers on triggers

Saratoga CA Patch reports "tense, peacful exchanges between rally-goers, counter-protesters"

There are varying reports of five to ten arrests, and multiple reports of peaceful street marches of thousands of opponents of Nazi hate and bigotry. It appears as of 6PM Eastern Daylight Time that anti-Fascist forces have won a resounding victory in Berkeley.

The San Francisco Chronicle declared that Antifa had managed to "rout" the alt-right rally, climbing over barricades and physically chasing the alt-right out of MLK Park.This paper called the event violent, but other reports disagreed. The same paper also reported that the city denied the permit for the alt-rights so-called "anti-Marxist" rally as the application was both late and incomplete. The origjnal organizer told people not to show up, but about 100 did anyway, only to find themselves chased away. After Charlottesville, nobody is taking any $&@* from the Nazis, the alt-right, and the "Stormtrumpers."

The solidarity protest at DC's Albert Pike statue

Anti-Fascists take the rally site from the right-wing in Berkeley to cheers from the general public (photo by Shane Bauer)

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