Charlottesville to DC march arrives, occupies Farragut Square with tents

Video of the march crossing into DC from Virginia

On the 6th of September, Charlottesville to DC march arrived, crossing Key Bridge after ten days marching. This is a "march to confront White Supremacy" and also is demanding that Donald Trump be removed from office. After their "closing rally" at the MLK Memorial, marchers set right back out, marching past the White House to Farragut Square. There the march pitched tents, announcing plans to hold 1/4 of the park for the entire month.

The surprise move to occupy and hold part of Farragut Square brought out mainstream TV news crews, who made immediate comparisons to the 4 month occupation of McPherson Square by Occupy DC back in 2011. These tents however have open sides and while the protect from rain do not provide temperature control for sleeping. This however should not matter assuming the occupation indeed is only planned to continue through the end of September.

Photo by Cville 2 DC March of tents raised in Farragut Square

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