DC Reinvest protests as Senate summons Wells Fargo CEO to hearing

On the 3rd of October, Well Fargo CEO Tim Sloan had to face the music, testifying in front of the Senate Banking Committee about the fraudulent loans and unauthorized accounts Wells Fargo opened in the names of unknowing account holders. Meanwhile, protesters from DC Reinvest were outside calling out Wells Fargo for other offenses such as funding gentrification, pipelines and private prisons.

Senator Elizabeth Warren was reported to be absolutely furious with Tim Sloan over Well's Fargo's "cross selling" technique that turned out to consist mostly of opening fake accounts in customer's names. Meanwhile, the protesters outside has chants such as ""Hey, Tim Sloan! We don't want your racist loans!" One passerby even said he had removed all of his money from Well Fargo. At this point in excess of 15, 000 people have reportedly divested from Wells Fargo's accounts, along with several cities in a growing municipal divestment movement.

CNBC has published "the entire heated exchange" between Senator Warren and Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan. Perhaps Tim Sloan might want to think about what life might be like inside one of his own private prisons, one funded by the GEO Group?

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