DC Police escort Nazis to vans for torchlit return to Charlottesville

Video clips from Richard Spencer's own Periscope clearly show MPD escorting the Nazis

On the 7th of October, Richard Spencer's crew of neo-Nazis assembled at the Jefferson Memorial in DC before boarding what were reported as "four white Enterprise rental vans" for a return trip to Charlottesville, VA-and another torchlight march. Tourists heckled the Nazis at the Jefferson Memorial. DC Police (MPD) escorted the Nazis all the way to their vans here in DC.

The Nazis then drove to Charlottesville for another torchlight rally. The Nazis marched under torchlight from their vans to Emancipation Park, initially with nobody to stop them. Once they started their rally, it lasted about ten minutes before the Charlottesville community mobilized and the facists bailed. Escorted by Charlottesville police, they marched back to their Enterprise vans and quit Charlottesville for the night. The police then declared the anti-Nazi "rapid response protest" to be an unlawful assembly.

In both DC and Charlottesville, police clearly sided with the fascists over the community. Protesters against Trump's inauguration get mass felony charges if anyone on the same block breaks a window. Meanwhile, Richard Spencer is one of the criminals responsible for the August 11-12 Nazi siege of Charlottesville where one person was killed and 19 wounded by a terrorist in a car. He and his marchers not only need not fear mass arrest in DC or in Charlottesville, in both cities the police protected them from the public.

In Charlottes

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