Trump tax cut speech for Heritage Foundation draws protest, "Tax Chicken"

Video from the "Tax Chicken" rally and in front of the Marriot as the Trumpers arrived

On the 17th of October, Donald Trump gave a speech for the Heritage Foundation at the Marriot at 901 Mass Ave. Organizers of the April 15th Tax March set up the "Tax Chicken" in the adjacent park, then they and other protesters marched onto the sidewalk where Heritage members and Trump supporters were filing in.

Protesters emphasized that Trump's tax cut for the upper class and corporations would be paid for in part by big cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, which he is trying to gut. WTOP News reported earlier in the day that tax increases on the middle class would also result from the proposed tax "reform" and budget, yet it still would not be "revenue neutral."

The "Tax Chicken" from the April 15 march demanding Trump release his tax returns

In front of the Marriot just before Trump's motorcade arrived and went behind the back of the hotel

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