NPI exiled to barn, shut down early after losing Ronald Reagan building

Update Nov 20,2017:The barn that hosted NPI has been identified as Rocklands Farm in Poolesville, MD. It appears to be a rustic host site for weddings etc and was rented under false pretences. NPI was ordered to leave as soon as the owners realized they had Nazis on their property

On Nov 19, 2016, Richard Spencer's "National Policy Institue" (NPI) met in the Ronald Reagan building in DC, throwing Nazi salutes while maybe 1,000 protesters beseiged the building. One year later, on Nov 19, 2017 they had to meet in a barn after the Ronald Reagan building dumped them, and it appears far fewer attended. Recent bounced checks by Richard Spencer probably made hotels unavailable.

With cracks visible in the walls of the barn in the photo the Nazis posted to Twitter, they were literally out in the cold, having been refused space in the Ronald Reagan building and not having found any other truly indoor venue anywhere.On top of all else, their conference was shut down early. As soon as the owners of Rocklands Farm realized this was a bunch of Nazis and now whoever they had claimed to be, they ordered NPI to stop what they were doing and leave. The Nazis obeyed this order, slinking away with their tails between their legs. From there they drove to a restaurant in Alexandria, VA (presumably in the same vans that they had said would be used to go to the last "secret" venue), only to be refused admission according to an alt-right website. They ended up in "several" AirBnB houses, ordering pizza. The same alt-right website called the entire event a "fiasco." This is a far cry from dinner at Maggiano's and hundreds of fascists in the Reagan Building just one year ago.

Earlier on Nov 19, 2017, 24 people (probably mostly the same crew as NPI) showed up at an Identity Evropa (Eli Mosley's group founded by Nathan Damigo) hassling Christ Church in Alexandria, VA for daring to make plans to remove a memorial to George Washington. Washington was known to the Six Nations (Iroquois) as "Town Destroyer" for his burnings of Native American villages. To this day, every US president has been given that same name, and it has fit like a hand in a glove on President after President.

The previous night there was a report the fascists may have held a party somewhere on the campus of George Washington University, again in Va and well away from the "anti-conference" held by antifascists in DC and the "Punk flea market" also going on in the same venue as the anticonference the following day. The party was also apparently well after both these events had wrapped up. Had the fascists been detected while the events were taking place, the long distance commute would have delayed response by over an hour.

There was no place in DC safe for the fascists this time around! The Ronald Reagan Building cited huge security costs as a reason to refuse to rent space to Richard Spencer, putting a stop to the series of NPI events there. After all, in November 2016, perhaps a thousand very serious protesters targetted NPI. The night before that protest, NPI was unsucessful in concealing their 3rd fallback location for their pre-conference party, at Maggiano's Little Italy. Protesters stormed the restaurant as diners on the first floor cheered and nearly managed to force passage at the top of the staircase to storm the party itself. After that whole mess, the alt-right's next go-around in DC was the Deploraball. The brutal events of Charlottesville in August finished matters off, no major venue in the DC area seems to want anything to do with Richard Spencer, Eli Mosley, or anyone else who had a hand in the torches and terror in Charlottesville, VA. Security costs are all the reason any venue needs to send them packing. In short, NPI has been effectively de-platformed inside the borders of DC.

NPI has been reduced to a few Nazis meeting in a barn.

This was the sum total of Identity Evropa's turnout at a related street protest hassling Christ Church in Alexandria, VA

This is what Rockland Farms had to say about NPI lying about who they were to obtain space under false pretenses

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