Rising Hearts hoaxes Washington Football Team with name change to Redhawks

On the 14th of February, Rising Hearts Coalition spread a story that the Washington Football Team has finally agreed to ditch their racist name and mascot, replacing them with "Washington Redhawks."


This was possibly the most powerful political prank in DC since the 2010 "pepco-green.com" hoax where hundreds of upscale DC residents got fliers advising them that PEPCO was converting to all renewable energy and had cancelled planned rate hikes as they would no longer have to pay for coal and gas.

Just like in 2010, the Washington Redhawks story was not originally presented as a parody but as fact, putting pressure on team owner Dan Snyder to follow suit. Had enough public attention and interest resulted from the story, it was not inconceivable that Snyder would have had to change the name just to keep up with what the football-watching public expected to see.

On Sunday, the 17th of December at 10AM, protesters will gather at FedEx Field (1600 FedEx Way) to demand that the Washington Football Team change their name for real.#ChangetheName

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