The hypocrisy of Trump on Protests in Iran vs protests of his inauguration

As 2017 faded into 2018, Donald Trump tweeted messages of support for protesters in Iran, where protests over price increases have escalated into street fighting and broader antigovernment demands. The scenes from Iran being played on US corporate news TV look a bit like footage from the protests of Donald Trump's own Inauguration. Of course, Trump is tweeting support for one group of protesters while trying to have 188 people sent to prison for up to 65 years for protesting him.

As of Jan 2, 2018, the AP newswire is reporting 450 arrests in three days of protest thoughout Iran. On Jan 20, 2017, over 230 people were arrested here in DC protesting Trump. More were arrested in other cities. Also as of Jan 2, 2018 Donald Trump's US Attorney's officer under known KKK supporter Jeff Sessions is still trying to send 188 protesters here in the US to prison for up to 65 years each for the Jan 20, 2017 counterinaugural protests in DC.

This is the height of hypocrisy on the part of Donald Trump. Trump probably would not care if the government of Iran hanged 188 protesters so long as US oil companies were given access to all that Iranian oil. This goes double with the Saudi's having pushed their oil wells to the limit (and potentially damaged them) in an effort to bankrupt oil fracking in North Dakota and elsewhere in the US. Due to US sanctions on Iran, Iranian oil fields are probably in far better shape than those in Saudi Arabia, and thus a juicy target in the most literal sense for US foreign policy and Donald Trump.

If Donald Trump wants to say he supports protesters anywhere on Earth for any issue, the first thing he needs to do is DROP J20, drop the charges against 188 people facing the rest of their lives in prison for doing here in DC in Jan 2017 what people in Iran are doing in January 2018: protesting.

DC 2017 on left, Iran 2018 on right: who does Trump want to jail for 65 years?

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