Moms Against Monsanto march in Palisades 4th of July parade

On the 4th of July, the Palisades 4th of July parade included a "Moms Against Monsanto" contingent organized by Moms Across America. They showed up with young children in tow, objecting both to GMO foods and to Roundup in food making its way into breast milk at over 1,000 times the levels permitted in European drinking water.

Video clips of Moms Across America contingent in Palisades July 4th parade

All that roundup could not be used in agriculture without Monsanto's patented "Roundup Ready" seeds. These folks are warning Monsanto that their babies and children will never be "Roundup Ready" for herbicide-laden breast milk and later the same Roundup-contaminated food that put this chemical in breast milk in the first place. Given the wide use of Roundup in agriculture, cow's milk might also be dangerous to children for exactly the same reason. Since babies must drink some kind of milk, the only fix for this is to stop using Roundup.

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