Muslim activists demand community boycott Obama's political iftar dinner over Gitmo, Gaza, and domestic spying

On the 14th of July, Obama held an Iftar, the ceremonial dinner at the conclusion of the day's Ramadan fasting by area Muslims. A number of Muslim groups including the American Arab Anti-Discrimination league refused to attend and called for a boycott, instead protesting out front. They were opposing US aid to Israel's assault on Gaza, the continuing existence of Guantanimo Bay, mass incarceration and domestic spying in the US targeting Muslims and people of color in the US.

One speaker went so far as to remind the audience that the US, like Israel, is a settler state and that the US was founded on slavery and the genocide of Native Americans. With Obama sending weapons to Israel and keeping Muslims locked potentially for life in hellholes like Gitmo, I fully agree with the decision of Islamic groups to refuse to break bread with him.

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