Defend DC From White Supremacy: #AllOutDC Weekend Of Events

The Shut It Down DC Coalition, representing 38 different organizations and local groups in the DC metropolitan area, has released a schedule of events for the upcoming mass days of action from Friday to this Sunday, in opposition to the neo-Nazi and Alt-Right rally, Unite the Right.

Video-Defend DC Aug 10-12

Free School

Friday – August 10th

3 PM – 9 PM

St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church – Washington, DCv

1525 Newton St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20010

Day of Free School Classes with the emphasis on Resistance.

Join us as we will have multiple teachers facilitate classes such as Self Defense, know your rights, and many more.

Very Important

Please leave phones, bags, etc. in your car. Either don’t bring them, or be willing to leave them in our designated secured area that we will provide for you. Please do not attempt to enter the training without going through our quick security process first.

Please come wearing clothes ready for self-defense (comfortable shoes and clothing).

Virginia Students United Against White Supremacy

Saturday – August 11th

7 PM – The Rotunda, University of Virginia, Charlottesville

Join us, student and community activists, on August 11th to reclaim the North Plaza of the Rotunda and demand justice for those who have suffered at the hands of white supremacy. We are calling on you to rally with us. Bring your friends, your community, your people.

No Nazis In DC

Sunday – August 12th

ANSWER Rally: No Nazis, No KKK In DC

Lafayette Square – 1 PM

ANSWER Coalition is holding a rally at Lafayette Square starting at 1pm. A variety of other groups such as the DSA have signed on in support.

Help stop the white supremacists rallying on the Charlottesville anniversary!

Donate today to make sure our Still Here, Still Strong rally on August 12 can happen: "Unite the Right 2" rally is being organized by white supremacist Jason Kessler and others on August 12 in Washington, D.C.In response, those of us who face oppression every day, who believe in solidarity, and who celebrate one another because of our differences, are showing up that day with our own rally that will drown out these hateful voices. In spite of all the efforts of white supremacy, generation after generation, to destroy us as indigenous, Black, queer, Muslim, Jewish, LatinX, Asian, femme, immigrant, disabled, and poor people, our Still Here, Still Strong rally will send a message that we are still alive, we are still here, and the resilience and solidarity we’ve built has made us stronger than ever.But as a coalition of grassroots organizations, we need support from our community. Donate today to make sure our Still Here, Still Strong rally on August 12 can happen:

Still Here, Still Strong Rally

Freedom Plaza – 12-3PM

This rally will be a defiantly celebratory space, where we will center the identities of Black, Brown, indigenous, queer, Jewish, Muslim, disabled, workers, sex workers, and all other identities that white supremacy seeks to destroy. There will be a 3-hour program of speakers and musicians sharing their wisdom and experiences from the perspective of their intersecting identities. (This will be a permitted, safer space away from the white supremacist rally. Childcare, security and de-escalators will be present.)

March to Lafayette Square

Freedom Plaza to Lafayette Square – 3: 30 PM

We are marching to where the white supremacists will be protesting. There will be a clear division between the end of the rally and the start of the march. You should not come on the march if you do not want to be put in a potentially risky/confrontational situation, as we will be in the same space as the white supremacist rally.

“Rise Up Fight Back” Black Lives Matter Contingent Call to Action

“Alt-Right Not Welcome” Abolitionist & Antifascist Bloc Call to Action

Rally at Lafayette Square

Lafayette Square – 4 PM

Continued rally in Lafayette Square. This is a higher risk space due to proximity with white supremacists, although we do still have a permit for the space.

Support the Mass Mobilization Against Hate

As local organizers, we are raising all of the funds for this action on our own, and we have just three days left to raise $10,000. Please support us however you can, and send this along to your email networks, FB groups and friends with good salaries! DONATE:

In struggle,

Shut It Down DC Coalition

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